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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Thoughts, December 9th, 2016

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

1. In studies, 2 of reasons attendance is on decline in college sports is that 1) The music is too loud 2) Inconsistent Wi-Fi. My personal experience is this reason is more than factual, especially the music. More often than not, I and friends hear from schools “The players love loud music”. Continue that answer and you will continue to see a decline in attendance and other aspects of a great athletic program.

2. Something special goes on each year in Oregon City, Oregon at Clackamas Community College. It is the school’s wrestling program which has to be one of top 10 most successful college sports programs of all time on any level and any sport. Check it out on the Cougars website and you will agree.

3. Last week in Sunday thoughts I wrote Larry Ellison is the leader in clubhouse to be the new owner of Portland Trail Blazers. That has not changed. Should Blazer fans be worried? Oh yes. It is thought Ellison would keep the team in Portland. If not him, then staying put is not a certainty. Very few people in Oregon have the money to buy an NBA team, but a 3 hour drive to the North, there is plenty of money and a great new refurbished arena. You would have to think the league would never allow an iconic franchise like Portland to move, however you would also think by now Portland would have been awarded an NBA all-star game.

4. Here we go to give college basketball a big jolt. No more 2nd overtimes, instead go to a free throw shootout. How exciting would that be, considering since stats on free throw shooting in men’s hoops D1 started to be kept nationally in 1964 and not once has the made percentage of all schools combined gone above 70 percent. That stat actually is pathetic, it is called a FREE throw.

Comments always welcome, even disagreements. Thanks for reading.

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