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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Second Half Histrionics!

by Harry Cummins

     Much can be written about Marquette's 103-85 win last night over previously undefeated Buffalo in a showdown of top 20 teams.

     Instead, we will simply leave you with the following 2 lines of information from the performance of Markus Howard, Marquette's 5'11" Junior guard and scoring leader in the Big East:

     l.  Howard scored 40 points... in the second half!!

     2. In one second half stretch, Howard was responsible for 24 straight points for his team.

     Howard thus wins Craw's Corners coveted stat of the night, week, and maybe the season!

                                        'Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found,
                                          ....the second time around.'


  1. Buffalo is one of the great “feel good” stories of this young season. Let’s hope they are still on the radar at tournament time. But their shellacking (sp?) by Marquette reminds us of the incredible basketball played at this level. Bring on the the NCAA TOURNAMENT!

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