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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Thoughts, 12/16/18

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Every Sunday I share my thoughts on sports, equally as important would love to hear yours in comments section, thank you.

1. Golf on TV, at an all time high and just not because of Tiger. The interesting factor is that playing the game has remained stagnate, which is a darn shame. Golf is a great game, give it a try, you just might come back.

2. Under no circumstances should the Portland Pilots lose to Grambling State at home. Chance to redeem themselves on Monday night at home against a talented Seattle team.

3. When is everyone involved in all levels going to wake up and end the after game handshake line. Several dust ups this past week after games. SOLUTION: Line up across foul line extended for national anthem, then come together at mid court and wish the best. After the game get the heck out of dodge.

4. Speaking of hoops, does there really need to be four (4) mandatory time outs per half. Ruins the flow of game and even TV executives tell me the most the need is 3 per half. At least in first half, no more time outs period after the under 8:00 minute mandatory. Proof here, watch an NAIA or JC/CC game, where less TOs make for a smoother flow and more fun to watch. The women per usual have it right in college basketball, simple solution, play the game in 4 quarters.

5. Who is your choice of best sports commissioner of all time? Mine is Tim Finchem, retired PGA commish. No one in sports can beat his track record.

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