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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Great Scott: PAC-12 is interesting here,

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Take a breath for just one moment from the Larry Scott talk. And in doing so, there is nothing better than a great Conference basketball race. In positive manner that is what the PAC-12 is facing this year. No shortage of teams that could realistically get the number one seed come tournament time.

And here they are, skipping the in depth analysis, but worth following

Colorado— The true sleeper in the bunch

Oregon—- Never sell out the Ducks, best coach in conference

USC—- Do not let a poor showing in non-conference fool you.

UCLA—- We all thought Alford would win more, but it is UCLA

Washington—- So well coached, talented and my pick to win regular season

Arizona State—- Should get more attention than they get,  strong team in Tempe

Six out of 12 teams in league strong enough to win the Conference, the PAC-12 needs good news

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