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Saturday, December 8, 2018

It Is Overtime To Play Twice Per Year

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

It is more than overtime that the U of Portland and Portland State womens and mens basketball teams play each other twice in a season. Heck, back in the day they use to play each other 3 times a year, as compared to once now.

The reason for the 3 times was a great business owner in town Al Guisti loved both schools and he did not believe in ties, you do the math. So I am the new Guisti, just play twice and I will break the tie in grand fashion with the Crawford Cup. Valid reasons to follow.

1. It has developed into a darn good rivalry for both genders.

2. Both schools play in two of the finest arenas in all of mid major basketball, granted both arenas being small.

3. With those small arenas , it is obvious not a lot of big time teams in basketball are not beating down the doors to play games in Portland, Oregon.

4. Following up on #3, the crowd at last Wednesday’s game between the men was 2020. Not bad, but pretty safe to say that figure will be in top 5 of attendance this year at both schools for home games.

5. More media coverage for both schools. Outside of this guy covering Viking and Pilot hoops on a regular basis it is non-existent.

6. In this day and age of tight budgets, the two schools are a 30 minute bus trip apart. Once again, you do the math.

7. Most important, play one of the games for both genders for a neighborhood charity close to the schools.

Of course I am prepared from many even at the schools to Pooh Pooh my idea, but they can never argue with my sound reasoning above. And by the way, breaking a 2-2 tie, it would be a free throw shootout, outdoors in January.

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