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Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Wild West, Starts with WCC

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

As league play arrives it is time to watch an always underrated league in MBB, that league being the West Coast Conference.

Oh yes , it is the league of Gonzaga, but as of today it is also the league of Loyola and San Francisco , who both have records of 11-1. Not to mention a host of other fine teams.

I have enough basketball expertise to realize that it can often be naive to look at pre-league records, but conversely my expertise recognizes outstanding coaches of which Kyle Smith of USF and Mike Dunlap of Loyola are indeed.

At the end of regular season it would be foolish to pick against Gonzaga being on top, however it also would be foolish to think there are any easy outs in the WCC  this year. So far Portland and Pepperdine have been unimpressive, but they are young teams and you heard it here first, both will win games at home they are not suppose too.

So with some trepidation as I love this league for basketball, here is how I see it going. Pay attention if you never have, this league is fun and much more than Gonzaga.

10. Santa Clara
9. Pepperdine
8. Portland
7. San Diego
6. BYU
5. St Mary’s
4. Pacific
3. Loyola
2. USF
1. Gonzaga

If you like and I appreciate in a rational manner, tell me where I went right or wrong.

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