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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Sky To Portland Oregon, Why Not ?????

If reports are correct, in May, the Big Sky will address the possibilities for tweaking their men's and women's post season basketball tournaments and possibly seek a permanent site for their post season championships.

At present the winner of the regular season hosts these tournaments. One idea being floated around is moving the tournaments to Las Vegas. BAD, BAD idea.

I personally think Las Vegas is one of the great cities in America, but for sure they do not need one more post season basketball tournament. Already the West Coast Conference, Mt. West and WAC  conferences play their post season  in Las Vegas. While it is always sexy to think about having any event in Vegas, a fourth entry into an already crowded field will NOT work.

So always being one for alternatives, how about Portland, Oregon? To muddle the picture even more, Portland is not a good sports town, it has turned it back in many ways on college basketball, it has political leadership that does not know whether the ball is stuffed or pumped and it does rain in March.

Throw out the last PARAGRAPH please. Portland, Oregon would be an awesome permanent site for the Big Sky. The Rose Garden or even Memorial Coliseum  would be great for viewing and great for the teams and its fans. Portland has great hotels and great restaurants, lots to do for visitors.  Many people have told me Portland, Oregon is their favorite city to visit. It has the a  moderate climate in March and is  the largest media center of all the Big Sky cities. Plus, under the direction of Mike Lund, renown SID at Portland State, their game management staff is as good as anyone in the business. The tournament would be run like clock work.

My last sentence might be the stumbling block. The Big Sky has never been known for its creative thinking or marketing outside the box, so I am sure they would never let a team in the league be a permanent site for their championship. But yet the Mt. West, of which UNLV is a member plays their tournament in Vegas and it has worked out fine.

Perhaps I just wasted my time here and more importantly yours, but I do like outside the box thinkers and doers and Big Sky basketball in under appreciated and does need a new permanent  home for its post season. Portland, Oregon would be a great starting point.

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