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Friday, May 13, 2011

When Bigger Is Not Always Better

Someone asked me the other day....... "What is my favorite place of all time to watch a college basketball game"?

It really is a good question and I would be very interested in getting emails from all you great readers to this question.

Here is my answer.

Warner Pacific College;

Warner Pacific sits nearly in the center of Portland, Oregon. Full disclosure, having grown up in a large city, I am always prejudice to an urban environment. I like the fact at Warner Pacific, you might have to look for a parking spot, you might have to stand in line to get in the gym. For sure, the place is loud, it might seat, well I don't know how many people it seats, but for sure it is under a 1,000.

The concession stand is at the end of the gym, popcorn dominates the smell and I am pretty sure that the menu has not been expanded in a few years. There might be some reserved seating or season tickets, if so, this area looks like an old time hockey rink's penalty box.

I love all these things about Warner Pacific, but I also love the fact they have great basketball teams each and every year and they play in one of the best NAIA leagues in the country, the Cascade Conference.
Longtime highly successful coach Bart Valentine retired this past season from Warner and he will be succeeded by his son, Jared.

Sometimes I am old school, sometimes new school, but when it comes to basketball, the old arenas and the old gyms are really special place and my hope this stirs some memories for all of you as well.

One last thing about Warner Pacific, they have a rising star in the sports information business in Cody Harrod. Besides doing a great job, he answers emails and returns phone calls, a rare fete these days in the sports business world.

Emails always welcome,

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