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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Updates on previous posts/Some new info as well

1. Gus Johnson will not be back with CBS next year during March madness. Johnson did a terrific job on the games and was so refreshing, but he broke off contract talks with CBS today and we will more than likely never see him announcing NCAA games again.

2. The question has been answered. Cal-Davis has hired a new  coach and the wait might be worth it. Jim Les, former Sacramento King and for the last 10 years the fine coach of the Bradley Braves before he was fired this past, has accepted the men's head coaching job today. It is a program with much upside and worth watching in the future.

3. As I requested, of course the power of Craw's Corner is international, ESPN will be a big part of the Pac-12, for the next 12 years, starting in 2012-12, when it comes to basketball on television, with the new media contract now in place.  This is good news as no one does it better, Sean Farnham and Dave Fleming, two rising stars on the network will no doubt have a bigger role in their Pac-12 telecasts. (Just like Trump, I am taking credit for this).

4. My excellent sources have told myself there might be some movement in bringing Seattle U, into the West Coast Conference. I have been told, some league members want to reassess their position. This for sure will be something I will keep you posted on. As you know I wrote about this extensively in April.

5. I have long said to myself, cause sometimes nobody listens, that Eastern Washington and Portland State are sleeping giants in the Big Sky. A big tip of the cap to Eastern Washington for doing a basketball caravan this next month with their new basketball coach Jim Hayford. Caravans have long been successful in pro football, major league baseball and college football, but you never hear much about them in college basketball.

6. The new proposed rule changes in NCAA basketball are none that I suggested. Of course not, mine made too much common sense and would have improved the game way too much. Sadly and I will get into the new changes in another post, but the new rules for next year do nothing to improve the game and the product. (As I did with previous posts, I will continue to write about great rule changes for NCAA basketball).

7. West Coast college basketball is on the rise. The group of young players next year is the best crop overall in the last 10 years. Fox Sports and Disney, are not idiots, they realized what talent exists out west. otherwise you would not have seen such a lucrative new TV deal for the Pac-12 and this is going to carry over to the rest of the leagues, including the Mt. West, which should really be strong next year.

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