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Monday, May 9, 2011

College Basketball Officiating, Compared Too?????

Dwight Jaynes the famous sports columnist in Portland, Oregon, often tells his readers to basically "shut up" and stop blaming referees in basketball  for losses of your team.

I, personally,  get people all the time coming up to me saying, oh those basketball officials were so bad they cost us the game, the games are "fixed", or this guy has it out for our team.


Professional basketball has the best officials in the world. College basketball is working its way towards getting better, with the help of some highly skilled people in certain areas of the country who are now observing and working hard to train people to be better.

So next time you think about blasting some referee in basketball just realize how good that person really is and how much better of a job they do than say some other sports and actually how spoiled we are to have great officiating.

Example: MLS, in case you don't know, Major League Soccer.

Every game and I am not fabricating the story, there are "major" issues with MLS officiating. I did not know this and you might not know, the MLS referees, unlike every other major sport that is based in the United State and Canada, are not employees of the league, I repeat, are not employees of the league. They all work for FIFA, the governing body of world wide soccer. How in the world  can you call yourself a major sport when your on field officials are not even your own employees?

And while basketball continues to develop and enhance their officiating, i.e, adding a third official to games in the last 15 years, soccer continues with one referee, trying to cover what is the same territory as a long par-4 in golf.

You probably will never see me talk soccer in this blog again, but I just wanted to give an example of just how good basketball officiating is and with some more training, will get even better. Hold the criticism and think as a basketball fan how good you have it with the people who you sometimes love to hate.

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