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Monday, May 2, 2011

Oregon Ducks, What you waiting for?????????

In 1891, Dr. James Naismith posted the first rules of basketball on a bulletin board at Springfield College, because he wanted to promote physical education on a higher level.

In 1892, the first games were played and naturally they were a far cry from what we see on the court today, so for all the millions of basketball fans around the world, once again Dr. Naismith thank you very much, your game is awesome.

But what is not awesome is the Oregon Ducks not having a visible center line in their great new arena, dedicated this year by Phil Knight, named after and in honor of his late son.

Ducks, you have done yourself more than proud with the new arena, you have a gem in new coach Dana Altman, but for sure you have not honored the great game of basketball with the lack of a visible center court line. You say it is there, but not even SUPERMAN can see it.

Creighton could not see it in the final game of the CBI tournament, twice during the year you had an over and back that was missed, once right in front of veteran referee David Hall, it was obvious he could not see the line and for sure with a new TV deal coming up for the Pac-12. unless you do something Ducks, the new will be old, as the line will still not be visible on TV, thus making the games at Matt Knight Arena, almost unwatchable for many TV viewers.

Rumblings are that the NCCA and the Pac-10/12 have talked to the Ducks, but nothing has happened yet. I wrote the an email in a very professional and courtesy manner  to the Pac-10 about this and of course got no reply. (Heck two giants in basketball, Jerry Colangelo and Jerry Reinsdorf, much more important basketball people than anyone at the Pac-10 office return my messages on different subjects, so I guess the Pac-10 does not care about this issue).

The center line in basketball was first introduced in 1932, then the other boundaries and dimensions of the court came in 1933, six years before the "Tall Firs, of the University of Oregon, were crowned the winners of the first D-1 men's champions in college basketball.

So Ducks, with your history, your prominence becoming more each day in NCAA athletics, it is ok to be edgy, but for sure it is NOT ok to dishonor and disrespect the great game of basketball. What are you waiting for ????. Just give us a visible center line and show us you have some Class and respect for Dr. Naismith's great game.

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