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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going Out On A Very Short Limb

Predictions of anything are dangerous, sometimes annoying, but when it comes to sports, they are for sure two things: CONTROVERSIAL AND FUN.

So here goes a big one for next year. The ARIZONA WILDCATS will win the NCAA men's basketball championship next April.

For years now, the two dominate teams in west coast college basketball have been Arizona and Gonzaga. West Coast basketball next year will be improved, but no one will be able to top the Wildcats. The reasons:

1. Sean Miller is the best coach west of the Mississippi and gets better each year. One thing to watch, how will he function without his trusted brother Archie Miller being on the bench with him this year.

2. The Wildcats have the best recruiting class coming  the entire west coast has seen in years.
Guards---Josiah Turner and Nick Johnson
Forward--Sidiki Johnson
Center---Angelo Chol

3. Jumping from high school to college in basketball is so much easier than jumping from college to the NBA. Today's high school players are so well trained and play so many games, some can even come in and dominate, as some of the above will.

4. MoMo Jones, a solid player for the Wildcats, apparently saw the handwriting on the wall and announced on Monday he is leaving the program. When solid players leave a program, often it means, a depth chart drop, as would be the case here.

Josiah Turner is so good that he will be the best guard in the Pac-12 next year. Angelo Chol is so good that this year as a senior in San Diego, he averaged 23 points, 15 rebounds and 9 blocked shots per game. In league that lacks for big men, Chol will dominate the middle in the Pac-12.

Sure Derrick Williams, is gone and will be one of the top three players chosen in next month's NBA draft, but the Wildcats have not missed a beat.

Write it down, Arizona over North Carolina, to win the 2012 NCAA men's basketball championship.

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