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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teams With A Big Upside

It might not happen, but here are some west coast basketball teams that have a big upside for 2011-12 season and teams that I personally am looking at to make big strides. As we all know, games are not made on paper and talk is cheap. I broke it down using the 6 basic leagues that teams on the west coast play in.

Pac-12-- Arizona State. runner-up, Oregon State

Big West---Pacific. runner up, UC Santa Barbara

Big Sky--- Sacramento Sate. runner up, Eastern Washington

WAC---Hawaii. runner up, New Mexico State

Mt. West----Boise State. runner up, Nevada

WCC---U of Portland. runner up, Loyola

I have based my comments on how the teams did this year, who they have recruited and who the head coach is of these teams. Two rising stars in the coaching ranks are Leon Rice of Boise State and Gib Arnold of Hawaii, people to watch.

West Coast basketball is on the rise and do not let anyone tell you different.

Comments are always welcome and please keep the emails coming, the response to this blog is terrific and than you very much.

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