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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Leverage Becomes Sewage

College basketball coaches have tough job, winning ball games, recruiting, keeping their players out of trouble and often dealing with administrations that know little about the importance of athletics.

Should people ever feel sorry for coaches? No, when for the most part they are paid the dollars they get, it would be hard to do so, but to be fair the pay is relative to what they might bring in economically for their respective school.

What I don't like about a minority of college basketball coaches is when they interview for other jobs and actually have no intention of taking that job, using the interview as leverage to solidify their present position and then sit and tell their fans and the public they never had any intention of leaving or blaming other people for not getting the facts right about them potentially leaving.

As I have stated before Sean Miller is a great coach and will continue to be for some time to come.

What I didn't like about Miller was the way he reacted after his strong flirtation with the Maryland job.

On his part to act like he never intended to leave Arizona for Maryland. Well then, why did you even interview in the first place with the Maryland AD if you never intended to leave? You wasted lots of people's time Coach Miller and you also got people really excited about you coming to Maryland, by when your own account you had no intention of becoming their new coach. Coach Miller no one got the story wrong, you just tried to fool all of us and you did not succeed.

Coaches should have every right to interview for any job. After all their position is always under scrutiny  and always in danger of being fired, but please to do not try and make fools out of everyone, by interviewing for jobs with no intention of leaving your present job, but only for the purpose of getting a better contract, more pay for your assistants or better facilities and then come back  to tell everyone they got the story wrong, this is where I wanted to be all the time and it was bad reporting on the entire story.

Coaches please be upfront, do not posture and do not leverage to the point it becomes sewage.

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  1. a good read, provocative to ponder. some good points mate!!!!