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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let's Really Think Outside The Box/No Second Overtime

There are many reasons why I write this blog:

1. To bring attention to college basketball and often more specifically west coast basketball.

2. To make myself think and hopefully you as a reader think.

3. To  entertain, educate and highlight history on occasion.

4. And often to make people laugh at my thoughts.

In the past month I have written three different posts on potential rule changes to make the game better and I will continue to write on the subject from time to time as I have about 35 more suggestions.

My continuing efforts to keep the great game of college basketball from being stagnate and boring often makes myself think of some out of the box ideas, some might love and some might think they stink.

Here goes one idea, I have thought about for a long time in college basketball.

On May 13th, I wrote about the lack of teams improving their free throw shooting going as far back as the 60s. Would this help teams concentrate on free throw shooting?

My proposal would be that if teams are tied after one overtime, instead of going to a second overtime, go to a free throw shootout. Here is how it works.

1. Before each game, each head coach submits his list of five shooters who would participate in the shoot out.

2. Each end of the court would be used, with the visiting team choosing which end they want to be shooting from.

3. If the scores are tied after the first round of five, start again in sudden death, but start in reverse order, with the fifth shooter starting first.

4. The final score would be one more point for wining team after the score of first overtime. Example, 79-79 after first overtime, final 80-79.


1. The pressure and excitement in the arena would be UNREAL.

2. It would make teams practice free throw shooting much more and players individually do the same.

3. Often the second overtime creates lousy play and lousy officiating. Fatigue sets in.

4. This method works great in hockey and great in world cup soccer (apologies for mentioning soccer.)


Ok, what do you think ? You suggestions and emails are always great and often so thought out.

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