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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Great Question From A Craw's Corner Reader

A friend of mine who was highly successful in the sports journalism business and who is now retired has always told me sports fans are morons.

I have chuckle each time he brings up the subject, since he always made a pretty good living entertaining those so called "morons". In essence, note: always a good policy, do not bite the hand that feeds you.

My take is that while there are plenty of morons that follow sports, the average sports fans today is so well educated about sports, has so many options available to get information and are highly intelligent. Not for one minute do I think that I know more about sports than the readers of this blog. I know consultants in sports business tell all journalists never to say to your fans, that they might know more than yourself, to that I say, &*$#@%*&%$#@ or you fill in the blank________________________. (One MAJOR EXCEPTION, sports fans for the most part know ZERO about referees and officials, the rules of the game or what is a good or bad call).

With all that said, I was asked a great question this weekend from an avid reader of this blog. "What has been the biggest response you have gotten from your readers about something they knew absolutely nothing about until you wrote it"? GREAT QUESTION.

While I get plenty of comments, suggestions, criticism and praise, the above question is easy to answer.

The post I wrote back on April 30th, "Search Firms For College Basketball Coaches, Why?",  about university athletic departments, specifically athletic directors, using search firms to help them hire basketball coaches, was something that I heard over and over again from readers, "I had no idea that was happening and that is just crazy".

I will not bore you with the whole story again, you can go back to April 30th and read it, but in a nutshell in these days of deficits and tight budgets in athletics, some universities are going out and spending between $75,000 to $125,000.00 hiring search firms, to help them find a new head coach.

Key points were:

1. With no money, this is a total waste of money.

2. ADs should be able to do this themselves, that is a major part of their job description, hiring coaches.

3. Search Firms do not have a good track record.

4. There is a scammy, smelly and seedy part to all of this.

Obviously the question I was asked was not only a great one, but it also gets mine and many others' juices going. Your time is valuable, but I hope you will go back and read "Search Firms For College Basketball Coaches, Why?, in my opinion it will be more than worth your time.

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