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Monday, May 9, 2011

Here We Go Again, Dominos??????

With Mark Turgeon accepting the Maryland job tonight, do the dominos come back out on the table.

My sources have told me, Turgeon has recommended Tad Boyle, the present Colorado coach to replace him. Before you say no way, Boyle and Turgeon were on the same staff under Jerry Green, when Green had the great run at Oregon.

Who was the AD at Oregon during that time? It  was Billy Byrne, now the AD at Texas A&M, the man who now has to replace Mark Turgeon.  Then who goes to Colorado, which joins the Pac-12 next year and is a rising power in college basketball.

Oh I hate to annoy you, but the fishing is great in Colorado. Does Mark Few like to fish? Does Eric Reveno finally get the shot he deserves and get out of a place where he is never going to get enough credit. Or does Larry Brown return to college coaching. But then again it might be Blaine Taylor, probably the most underrated college coach in the game today. Mike Montgomery never recovered when  Taylor left his staff.

I apologize, this is all speculation, but one again boy is it fun.

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