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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Summit That Will Never Happen, Darn

Since I have zero power, it makes it even more fun to think of things that might help west coast college basketball and to express them to you great readers of this blog.

So here goes. I am calling out all College Presidents, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and even inviting Referees, to see how west coast basketball can become better and how it should be MARKETED better.

Quite frankly and this has been an ongoing trend for years, west coast college basketball is getting left in the dust, sometimes fairly and more often unfairly.

In this day and age, this SUMMIT, could be for one day and with technology no one would have to travel, it could all be done by video conferencing and I will even volunteer to moderate. (Boy would lots of people be in trouble.)

There is nothing like brainstorming among great minds, can you imagine the ideas and suggestions that could be generated by such an event.

Is it going to happen? There is probably a better chance of President Obama becoming a Republican, than this ever happening, but at least I started the ball rolling and wish to give a few suggestions and comments.

1. For the most part everyone plays on Thursday and Saturday. Mix it up a little. The last time I checked,  there are seven days in a week. The Big East knows what there doing in showcasing their product and they play on every day of the week.

2. If you spread out your games, you are going to get better officiating. Right now there is a pecking order, which starts with the Pac-12 and works it way down. It also gives the leagues a better chance to break in new officials and pair them with veterans.

3. Right now the Pac-12, WCC and Big Sky play almost all their league games on Thursday and Saturday. This is crazy, all produce a good brand of basketball and are worth viewing. Swallow the pride and egos and, mix up the days you play on and for sure,  your exposure, attendance and TV viewing would increase dramatically.

In most cases, college basketball is one of the worst marketed sports in all of SPORTS. I am not going to hold my breath on any of the comments and suggestions, but at least I am trying.

Us college basketball fans deserve more choices. Please, schools, give them to us.

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