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Monday, May 16, 2011

Some STORMS Are Not Bad

I personally hate urban snow, wind storms and thunder and lightning. THEY ALL CREATE TRAGEDY.

But boy do I like it when the students at college basketball games,  STORM the court after a big win.

Of course the key here is a "big win". It is fun to watch, it usually means that something special has happened and to my knowledge no one gets hurt. When the students charge out on the court, it just seems like a really special moment at the conclusion of a basketball game.

It also sure beats some of these complete IDIOTS who go out and rip signs down, turn over cars, beat people up and cause thousands of dollars in damage after their team wins a big game. Heck, 90 percent of these people do not know whether a basketball is stuffed or pumped.

A note of caution "ON STORMING THE COURT". "Big Win" is critical here. It has to be something like beating the number one ranked team in country or beating someone you have not won against in 20 tries, or above all going to the "Big Dance" for the first time in several years. BE SELECTIVE STUDENTS.

"Storming the court", great pep bands, watching a game at Utah State, all of which make the great game of college basketball really special.

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