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Friday, March 29, 2019

Eli Sports & NFHS Network


Eli Sports & NFHS Network

by Ron Soanka

A brief introduction if I may. My name is Ron Soanka and for those of you that may not know me, I've  had the honor of broadcasting high school sports in Oregon and Washington for the last 27 years.. I started covering the Greater St. Helens League in 1995 and have not regretted one second. For over 5 years now I've been working for the Eli Sports Network. These past two years Ive been on medical leave as I  continue to recover from my second cancer surgery  almost two years ago. At the present time I've been asked if I would be a broadcast mentor for the rest of the broadcast teams for our network, and do a little writing from time to time.

As sports fans I think it is safe to say that we all love to watch high school sports. The purpose of this article is to explain to you how it is possible to watch high school sports from all ove the country, and not just the Pacific Northwest. The Eli Sports Network teamed up with the NFHS sports network to allow this to happen. Thru our partnerships it is now possible to watch high school sports the enitre school year. NFHS is a subscription based company that allows this to happen. For the small fee of only $9.95 a month. You may cancel anytime you wish. You would probably spend more then that just to attend one football next fall. This is the second year Eli Sports has teamed up with NFHS and in that short period of time we have become the largest most watched network in the nation. Quite a feat for us here in the Pacific Northwest to say the least. We covered basketball tournies in Tacoma, Spokane, and Yakima this year and the viewing numbers were staggering. In three short days our viewship was just a shade over 900,000. To be honest, it is even hard for me to comprehend those kind of numbers. I want to see as many people as possible have a chance for you to see your kids, grandkids, or any family members that are playing sports to see them perform.

It is very easy to get started. Please go to and at the top of the paage you will see a tutorial that will walk you thru the process. It's that simple. I am not a computer techie by any stretch of the imagination folks and I even figured it out.

If there may be any queations you have please feel free to let me know and I"ll help as much as I can. Thanks so much for your time and hope to see you down the raod.


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  1. The Eli Sports Network teamed up with the NFHS sports network to permit this to happen. Via our partnerships it's currently potential to observe high school sports the entire year. Boch Center Tickets