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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Golf, Grumpy Rangers & Orson Wells

I truly love golf.  In my opinion, it is the greatest game, and I not only play but follow it closely. Both my sons have signed to play collegiately and we are lucky enough to have played some wonderful courses over the years.  More importantly, the game has led to some of the best friendships and amazing stories/memories.

One of my regular playing partners at home has many sayings, my favorite of which is ‘suffer in silence’. After we played this past weekend, thought I’d share my least favorite parts of the game I love so much….

200+ yard par 3’s

4+ hour rounds

$4 bottles of water at the turn

Gas powered carts

Grumpy rangers

Folks slamming the flagstick down on the green (or back in the hole)

Not following cart path rules

Last but certainly not least, SLOW PLAY!!!

Speaking of my friend mentioned above, we refer to a certain very slow play member as Paul Masson.  Remember the wine commercials by Orson Wells, ‘We will sell no wine before its time’

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