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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Thoughts From @wchoops

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

1. I like creativity and its thinking. My creative thoughts on Portland Pilots hoops. Full disclosure, I love going to games there. Free parking, great concessions, spotless restrooms, kind people, great band and best arena in WCC. By all accounts it was a bad year on the court for Pilot hoops. I don’t have good answers, but I do have a suggestion.

I would love to see Portland leave WCC and join the WAC Conference. Yes leave a conference you have been aligned with forever. Why? Fresh start for hoops, which drives the bus along with soccer at University of Portland. As well pretty good recruiting territory in the WAC with Chicago, Texas, Southern Cal, Phoenix and Seattle all in the league.

Equally as important you start right out with a big time rivalry in Seattle U.

I write this respectfully not as a joke, Its chances of happening are less than one percent, but it also should not be brushed off. ICARE.

2. Keep in mind the new rules of golf were written for all golfers, not just pros . The attention as it always is goes to pros, but they were written in general to speed up game and keep it fun.

3. Craw’s Corner is growing. If you are up to be part of our team of great contributors, email,

4. Great tradition continues this week with OSAA basketball championships at Chiles Center. and our own Allan Classen will be all over the coverage.

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